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Blockchain Council US Technology solutions power the constant innovation and disruption that shape the world.

Banking and Financial Services

Blockchain Council US partners with banks across the globe to offer a wide portfolio of products and services and help them stay competitive by embracing digital transformation and digital culture. Growing regulatory compliances, increasing levels of business risk, disruption of traditional business models enabled by technology, and rising customer expectations pose formidable threats to traditional way of banking.

Consumers are now driving the way businesses are operated and banking is no exception to that. At Blockchain Council we see significant opportunities that the digital transformation has to offer – a growing global market, new digital products and services, access to greater amounts of data and the ability to mine actionable insights from them.


Blockchain Council US enable healthcare practitioners to improve their bottom line with our pioneering technology and consulting services, which control costs and increase rewards and incentives, while improving patient outcomes through full-scale healthcare data integration and management.

Our Blockchain technology platform allows patients to assign access rules for their medical data, for example, permitting specific researchers to access parts of their data for a fixed period etc. With blockchain technology, patients can connect to other hospitals and collect their medical data automatically safely and securely.


Insurance is coverage towards your risks and Blockchain Council US know how to list them all in a business application. Technology companies are driving digital disruption, accelerating rapid organizational change and creating new, more complex exposures. Combined with globalization and heightened regulatory pressures, innovative technology companies like us we know the method of redefining the way in which the world transacts commerce.

We serve Insurance verticals as; Property and Casualty | Life, Annuities Retirement & Supplement| Reinsurance and Large Commercial. As a team of Blockchain Council US technology expert, we help to transform you insurance paperwork process digitally and we have the experts who could help doing this with short span of time.

Hotels & Hospitality

At Blockchain Council US we know the hotel and hospitality industry runs by building strong relationships. We at Blockchain Council US can build the sale system monitors bookings, manages reservations, and contributes to the excellence of a hotel and hospitality services for your small to large scale business.

We provide exceptional service to staff and guests by offering all transactions in one central place, reporting customer data, and managing a full employee roster. To know more see our Digital Innovation Hotel and Hospitality services brochure by send a request to

Retail and CPG

Blockchain Council US provides the end-to-end retail automation platform that is redesigning the future of fashion retail with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Using Image Recognition technologies and Data Expertise - we extract catalog data, analyze it with user behavior and help your marketing, product and cataloging teams get actionable insights that improve customer experiences, drive conversions and reduce costs.

We help you digitally map your products to create one-of-a-kind retail experiences for your customers and translate product information into the language that your teams can understand and make business decisions with.

Travel and Transport

The Travel Industry is transforming quickly with change being driven by evolving customer demands, growing economies, increased competition, and disruptive technology. Working with our customers, our deep domain expertise has enabled us to unlock value through emerging technologies like Automation, AI, and Analytics in response to the key industry needs of personalization and seamless operations.

Blockchain Council US as your trusted outsourcing partner we want you to focus on your core business and hence we provide all IT related support services so that you don’t invest unnecessarily. Fly high with us with speedo solutions form Blockchain Council US!

Manufacturing and Logistics

At Blockchain Council US we are specialized in eliminating bottlenecks and increasing efficiency in industrial processes has been a major focus across the industry for decades, but manufacturing units often have difficulty implementing the same methodology around enterprise data. Data is locked up in numerous silos, and pertinent analysis is only available through significant searching, copying, and joining across disparate data sets.

Dashboards, reports, and analysis can be built if you know the right questions to ask, but executives’ biggest worry continues to be the unknown in this sector. What factors are holding back production? When are new products going to be available to go to market? What mistakes were made across the lifecycle? All of these answers reside within the enterprise data but searching for them is time and resource intensive. Blockchain Council US using the newest emerging technologies can get these resolved for you quickly!

Food Equipment’s and Beverages

Blockchain Council Us decision Science and Data Strategy Center of Excellence analyzes all data captured across the industry with digital ecosystem, giving teams across the enterprise a big-picture view of opportunities. We can make the Hot remains Hottest Delicious and Cold becomes Chiller to serve! The power of marketing in a digital world is that it gives us the ability connect consumers to the brands in ways we couldn't before.

We have more data now than we have ever had in the past, but the key is figuring out what data you need and how to wrangle that data. This is where the real magic happens, and where we see so much potential growth. We can help to get you where you need our industry expertise. Get in touch for more info!