Manufacturing and Logistics

Manufacturing and Logistics

At Blockchain Council US we are specialized in eliminating bottlenecks and increasing efficiency in industrial processes has been a major focus across the industry for decades, but manufacturing units often have difficulty implementing the same methodology around enterprise data. Data is locked up in numerous silos, and pertinent analysis is only available through significant searching, copying, and joining across disparate data sets.

Dashboards, reports, and analysis can be built if you know the right questions to ask, but executives’ biggest worry continues to be the unknown in this sector. What factors are holding back production? When are new products going to be available to go to market? What mistakes were made across the lifecycle? All of these answers reside within the enterprise data but searching for them is time and resource intensive. Blockchain Council US using the newest emerging technologies can get these resolved for you quickly!


Blockchain Council US Inc. is a global software solution company.

Business Consulting

We provide cross domain business consulting and have a panel of experienced people. With strategic thinking and planned execution, we look forward to you excelling your business with our consulting support.


Blockchain Council as your trusted outsourcing partner we want you to focus on your core business and hence we provide all IT related support services in all domains so that you don’t invest unnecessarily, and you just outsource all IT Ops functions to us.

Banking Services

Blockchain Council delivers innovative technology services and solutions to some of the world's leading banks and financial services organization. Our technical experts possess in-depth knowledge of the technology required to deliver.

Technology Solution Partner

We are technology solutions provider and thus we do this the Best. Whether it is a small scale business application development to a data center migration project we work hand in hand as a technology solutions partner to provide the best in class It Services.

Blockchain Advisory Services

Blockchain Council US Inc. is dedicated for bringing innovative blockchain development services to enable custom solutions that meet client’s business requirements.

Staff Augmentation & Professional Services

Staff augmentation is an outsourcing strategy which is used to staff a project and respond to the business objectives. With the on-bench consultants all times the technique consists of evaluating the existing staff to inject in your project is our niche services.


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