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Our Niche - Business Technology Solutions

A business solution is a combination of ideas used to help our customers achieve its business objectives with optimal efficiency.At Blockchain Council we work with your teams to solve specific business problems. Our business solution comes in terms of marketing, payroll, auditing, accounting market research, supply chain and analysis, among other essential business activities. We specialize in a given niche depending on the problems in the market and your industry. Solutions Tailored to Your Business.

We offer products and services for customized Emerging Technology Solutions like Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Process Automation.

Services range from designed, development and deploying multiple blockchain solutions for various customers.

Tech solutions that cover the entire tech lifecycle for your best solutions.

Some Common recent case studies on the platforms we worked upon are Java with Microservices with cloud computing on AWS, Azure etc.

Ring the Bell - Mobility and Web Development and Integration with API creation

65% of current business transaction happen on Mobile! We ring the bell by integrating the emerging technologies platforms into you current technology ecosystem. Mobility Expertise at your service: We craft mobile solutions that will meet your business needs and goals. Our experience covers the development of native, cross-platform and hybrid mobile apps. BlockChain Council US team realize the app vision you may have. We listen carefully in order to clearly understand your ideas. After we establish the requirements of your mobile app, we then focus on developing the main feature sets, implemented across several milestones. We immerse with you so you are constantly involved in the mobile app development and any changes that you want to make in the specifications can be easily implemented. We let you focus on the app’s market strategy.

Xamarin | iOS | Android | C# | Native App Development | Hybrid App Development | API Development | Integration with cloud

BlockChain Council US Specialty- Product Engineering Services and Management

We work as a partner for creating world class products for increasing your business processes efficiency.

Successfully designed, developed and deployed multiple blockchain solutions for various customers.

Commercialization success of more than 80% is an indication of our quality standards.

Complete ownership from concept to beta testing to final production rollout for Industrial Control & Automation products.

Co-investments in Labs that cover complete test lifecycle and interoperability testing of blockchain products.

Near shore and offshore test lab infrastructure in North America and India.

Global 24/7 Tier 2 & Tier 3 support availability.

Our Technical Architects driven teams across the globe whose track record speaks of design, development, deployment and support of high availability (99.9%) systems.

Skin-in-the-game engagement models like Revenue Share, Cost-Plus and Risk-reward based, with a view to becoming a technology partner in your IT efforts.

Re-badging expertise and full system design capabilities.

Some of the highlights from our Product Engineering Servcies are below:

Analytics with Blockchain and RPA
QA and Testing
Agile Solutions
Application Development
Production Support and Maintainence

SOA Based - Software Oriented Architecture
Cloud Computing Solutions
Faster go-to-market cycles.
Improved efficiency and smarter resource allocation.
More productive work environments.

Rapid product development.
Seamless and flexible operations.
Clearer analytics and business insights.
Flexible operations that support business growth and evolution.
Higher overall profitability.


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